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We have been supplying fine S scale parts and products for many years, and you may have seen us at one of the many shows we've attended through the years. We also have been publishing a catalog of S parts and supplies you may have seen. Well, this is the Internet age, and Hoquat Hobbies is now On-Line! This website is updated regularly, so please check back often! We also post our Newsletters as they are published. We'd also love to hear from you with any comments, complaints, or suggestions.

Special note for our NJ customers: to take the sting (or most of it) out of the sales tax that we are required to charge NJ customers, all orders shipped to NJ will get a 5% discount before calculating tax. This won't show up in the shopping cart, but we will deduct the 5% before charging your card!

Normally, I am here Monday/Thursday/Friday 10AM- 4PM and the first and third Saturdays of every month (except holiday weekends or Rutgers football/basketball conficts) 10AM- 3PM.


Having returned from the Spring Spree in Dayton, it is time for a major announcement. I expect to close up shop for good and retire from the business at the end of 2015. I am busily doing inventory on all our stuff to make sure of exactly what is hiding on the shelves here. Once we finish, we will post inventory lists on the web site. First sales items will be all S Helper single hoppers at $40 each and three car sets for $95. If you place an order from the web site and the regular prices are still up there, the price will be adjusted before your card is charged.

As retirement draws near, we are running sales on some of our rolling stock. Check back often, there are (and will continue to be) some great bargains!

Please refresh browser to be sure you have the latest Sale Prices

Please Note! I have arranged with Dave Blum to sell my entire SHS and American Models inventory to Pikesville Hobbies. Anything I have left after this Sunday (November 29) goes to him. So if you want any SHS or AM items, you must order them this week! (This does not include our Hoquat/SHS exclusives). Also, I will be boxing up everything else for storage beginning December 7, so if you need anything in time for Christmas please order before Dec 7!

Sale on all in-stock SHS Stock cars

Sale on several Pine Canyon kits

Des Plalnes sale: All $44.98 box cars, reefers and hoppers $38, $47.98 box cars and hoppers $42.00. Pepper Packing reefer $40, or 4 for $155. All containers $21

Branchline Kits Sale: Branch Line/Laser Art Creamery $105, Ice House $85, Caldwell Tool and Die $95. Row House $50 (three for $135) Roofing Material (all types) $14.

Sale on Hoquat special run Hoppers, Box cars, reefers and Stock cars

Sale on SHS CP Stock cars

Sale on SHS Reefers

Sale on SHS SW-1 Locomotives

The Summer 2015 Newsletter is here!


Old Motor Trucks are now in stock!

MTH Reefers are now in stock!

Brand new from Smokey Mountain: SAL B-7 Box Car Kits are now in stock!

MTH PS-2 Release 2 are Available Now!

MTH Steel Rebuilt Boxcars are now in stock!

Just in, NYC Firehouse #8 from Twin Whistle. All the Twin Whistle Kits are here.

Banta Modelworks Craftsman Kits are Back!

We have added a new Structure Kits manufacturer, Minuteman Scale Models. Check them out!


Pine Canyon Scale Models are back in production, and IN STOCK NOW!

Back Alley #2 and East Branch Freight Terminal kits just added!

Here Now! Bar Mills "Earl's Oil".

Brand New! Mount Blue Model Company Craftman's Kits.

Branchline Trains Laser-Art Caldwell Tool and Die and several other kits on sale! Also Roofing shingles!

New M2 Auto-Thentics releases! We now have release 30 and release 31 M2 Auto-Thenic series! Also just in, Volkswagen release 01! We also have many of the previous releases still in stock, but often only 1 or 2 of each car left. We have most of them posted here!

We also have two new series of the Auto-Haulers series! Check them out here!


We have a shipment (limited edition) of Tonkin Replicas trucks and trailers just arrived. These are really beautiful models! Check them out here!

We carry the complete line of Twin Whistle S Scale kits!

Also Here Now!:

Our new 2012 Catalog is here! Just $5, or free with a $50 order. Once again, we have made the Catalog available on-line for people with a fast line (or a lot of patience - 16mb). Click the picture above to download a pdf version of the 2012 Catalog!

We now stock Laser Craftsman kits from Ragg's... to Riches?

We now carry Imagine That! Laser Art craftsman kits!


We've added 3 more Smoky Mountain Model Works Resin Freight Car Kits, for a total of five! These are excellent kits, and build into beautiful models. Click on any of the pictures above to get more information!


New FMC double door and single door boxcars and PS 5433 50' boxcars from Des Plaines S-Scale America are in stock.

New! We have added AM Budd Passenger Cars here!

Also just posted, American Models Tank Cars, Hoppers, Reefers, and Gondolas!

All the DSL Shops kits and several kits from BTS, Branchline Trains and Pine Canyon Models have been posted on the structures page. Check them out!

Hoquat Hobbies is a stocking dealer for American Models, BTS, CDS, DSL, Lehigh Valley Models, Pacific Rail Shops, Pine Canyon Scale Models, MTH, and Tomalco Track.

We have a retail store location stocked with lots of S, both new and old! We are at 77 Cliffwood Ave, Suite 7C, Cliffwood, NJ.

Store Hours: Our current Hours of operation are: Monday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-4:00, plus 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 10:00-3:00, except holiday weekends and Rutgers home football games.


Just Posted: Our Summer 2015 Newsletter

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Hoquat Hobbies is proud to offer several special limited run S Helper Showcase Line Cars:
These cars come ready-to-run with AF compatible couplers and wheels installed, and with code 110 NMRA RP-25 metal wheelsets and the mounting holes for the SHD 01295 or KD #802 couplers.

Click on any of the pictures to go to the order page, or click one of the tabs at the top of the page to check out any of our many S scale products!


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